I'm proud to present a first look at some of my line art for the World War I epic SOLDIERS UNKOWN, an original graphic novel written by Chag Lowry (The Original Patriots), illustrated by me, arriving in 2018. This is a very special project, revealing the untold story of the native Yurok men who fought and died for the United States of America in the Great War. Conscripted from their tribal home in Northern California by a country they barely knew - to serve in a war they could hardly call their own - these young men nevertheless demonstrated immense courage and humanity on the battlefields of France in the Meuse-Argonne offensive. Chag Lowry is an historian and writer of Yurok and Maidu descent, and has crafted a beautiful and poignant tale that I am privileged to bring to life. I will be sharing art here and on my social feeds as the production of the book continues.

PS: Chag and I are constantly striving for historical accuracy, and we invite any eagle-eyed WWI experts to tip us off if you notice anything that doesn't look quite right! :)